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Wales Business Showcase Directory Launching Soon!

Since 2016, on a voluntarily basis we have supported over 700 small businesses in Wales to raise their profile on Twitter and social media. Our next step, is to take Shout Out Wales from Twitter (which has gained over 10,800 followers - predominately businesses in Wales) to become an online business showcase directory with increased social media channels.  Ferrycake Marketing and PR team will be developing and launching the new website to further help support the promotion and shoutouts to many more small business in Wales.

Keep an eye out for our new website, we will be launching soon!

Shout Out Wales is not just a promotional tool, it is to be an  accessible marketing and business support platform to small business in Wales.  It is a privately funded project (in both finance and time) by the Director Michelle Beer of  Ferrycake Marketing and PR to not only support market and promote small business in Wales but to also support in developing young people’s work and digital skills and to offer paid job opportunities in the local areas. In October, four young people were offered job opportunities and taken on board, with several other flexible opportunities provided to people of all ages who wanted to be part of the project and to develop their digital skills.

Support and showcase on Wales' newest business showcase directory

If you'd like to be listed on the directory or sponsor and partner with Shout Out Wales, get in touch, email us at  We have an exciting marketing and PR package to offer. Check out the animation for our introductory offer here.